Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NHK Radio Japan - QSLs (May 2012)

New QSL Cards received from NHK Radio Japan

Theme - "Lights of a Dream"

Send: 19.04.2012
Received: 29.05.2012 

Heard English service on 9695 KHz from Kranji (250 KW) at 1200-1230 UTC

Theme -  "Let's see which of us is taller"

Send: 15.05.2012
Received: 30.05.2012 

Heard  Hindi service on 15745 KHz from  Talata-Volondry (250 KW) at 1430-1515 UTC

Post Card from NHK Radio Japan

Theme -  "Face to face" 

Send: 15.05.2012
Received: 30.05.2012 

Send Reception Reports via their Web Link

Friday, May 25, 2012

Radio Pilipinas - English (A12)

Radio Pilipinas - English (A12)

11720 KHz Tinang (250 KW) [1730-1930] Su,Mo,Fr,Sa,
15190 KHz Tinang (250 KW) [1730-1930] Su,Mo,Fr,Sa,
9395 KHz Tinang (250 KW) [1730-1930] Su,Mo,Fr,Sa,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Radio Receivers & Antenna System

DX-info!-The Radio Explorer! Version 4.0

DX-info!-The Radio Explorer! Version 4.0

Freeware tool to View and Search in Shortwave Radio Frequency Schedules.

Based on AOKI - Shortwave Frequency Schedules (Thanks to AOKI)

Version: 4.0 - What is New?

Direction Indicator

Updated Monitored List

Expand your Search

Stations within specified distance from your home!

Update database from downloaded AOKI Excel Schedules

Backup your DX Log Book

  • Quick Search
  • Local Time and UTC/GMT
  • Filter Radio Stations
           -Transmitter Power
  • Built in Quick DX-Log Book with Reception Report Format (Paste it from Clipboard)
  • Address Book with Postal, Email, Web Links
  • Remember your Monitored List of stations
  • QSL Book - Save your QSL Details
  • Export List to XLS, HTML, TEXT
  • Distance Calculation
  • Location Map Indicator with target direction
  • Location Map in
  • Search Station Name in Google
  • Update AOKI List Facility

Download Here! (v.4.0 - Size: 2.45 MB)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) started New Radio Service to Sri Lanka

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) started New Radio Service to Sri Lanka tests on 12250 KHz at 1500-1600 UTC from 18.05.2012 onwards.

Recorded Audio on 22.05.2012 from Kerala, India

"The first special broadcast will be on May 18th (Friday), for one hour from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Sri Lanka time."
Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)* today announced that it will start broadcasting Radio News to the Island of Sri Lanka starting from May 18, 2012; the 3rd anniversary of the Genocide of Tamils by the Sri Lankan Government forces.

The Tamil Government’s Radio called Naatham will broadcast in shortwave frequency. This Radio can also be heard in India, Malaysia and Singapore where large number of Tamils live. While this broadcast will become a bridge between the Tamil diaspora and the Tamils living in Tamil homeland, it will also play a role of politically and emotionally link Tamils worldwide.The first special broadcast will be on May 18 th (Friday), for one hour from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Sri Lanka time. TGTE has designated May 18th as the Tamil National Mourning Day to remember tens of thousands of Tamils who were killed simply and solely on account of their Tamil nationality."While the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka are struggling to cope with the mass killing and be subject to systematic and pervasive human rights violation on account of their Tamil nationality, this broadcast will ease the pain and give them confidence that their dream of achieving sovereign and independent state of Tamil Eelam will become a reality" said Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, Prime Minister of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE). "This broadcast will pierce the strict media censorship in Sri Lanka and reach the Tamils to give them unbiased information."

Tamils faced repeated mass killings since 1958 and the killings in 2009 prompted UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to appoint a Panel of Experts to report on the scale of killings. According to this UN report over 40,000 were killed in five months in 2009, due to deliberate and intense carpet bombing of areas designated by the government as "no-fire zones", where Tamils assembled for safety. The Sri Lankan Government used cluster bombs and restricted food and medicine for Tamils, resulting in large numbers of people dying from starvation and many of the injured bleeding to death.According to the UN, Tamil women were sexually assaulted and raped by Sri Lankan forces. According to a recent UK government report there are over 90,000 Tamil war widows. There are also reports that detained Tamil women are used as sex slaves by the Security Forces. According to the Bishop of Mannar, Dr. Rayappu Joseph, 146,679 Tamils were unaccounted for when Sri Lankan forces attacked Tamil people in 2009. Members of the Sri Lankan Security forces are almost exclusively from the Sinhalese community and the victims are all from the Tamil community.
For information contact:
*Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is a democratically elected government of Tamil Diaspora from the island of Sri Lanka. Its actions are strictly non-violent, democratic and diplomatic. It held internationally supervised elections in twelve countries to elect Members of Parliament (MPs). These MPs drafted and ratified a Constitution and elected a Prime Minister, a 10 member Cabinet and a Speaker. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Radio Canada International - QSL

Radio Canada International - English

Reception Report Send Via Email: 03.05.2012
Got Postal Mail Reply: 16.05.2012

11675 KHz Kunming - China (500 KW) [1500-1557]
15125 KHz Urumqi - China (500 KW) [1500-1557]

include: QSL Letter, Radio Card, Sticker & Frequency Schedule

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Radio Pakistan Islamabad celebrates the 35th Anniversary

Radio Pakistan Islamabad Station celebrates the 35th anniversary of its establishment on 17.05.2012.

Radio Pakistan Islamabad was established on May 17‚ 1977 during the era of former Prime Minister Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Initially‚ it started transmission from Rawalpindi broadcasting house‚ but was shifted to National Broadcasting House in Islamabad in 1982.

Radio Pakistan Islamabad will broadcast live the proceedings of the celebrations on FM-93 at 11 a.m. The programme will also be live-streamed on website

Source: Radio Pakistan Website

Monday, May 14, 2012

DX Antwerp - 30th Anniversary Special Edition - eQSL

DX Antwerp - 30th Anniversary Special Edition (12 May 2012)

Reception Report Send: 12.05.2012
eQSL Arrived on: 13.05.2012

DX-info!-The Radio Explorer! Version 3.0

-The Radio Explorer! Version 3.0

Freeware tool to View and Search in Shortwave Radio Frequency Schedules.

Good Tool for DXing  Hobbyists ! (What's DXing?)

Based on AOKI - Shortwave Frequency Schedules (Thanks to AOKI)

  • Quick Search
  • Local Time and UTC/GMT
  • Filter Radio Stations

           -Transmitter Power

  • Built in Quick DX-Log Book with Reception Report Format (Paste it from Clipboard)
  • Address Book with Postal, Email, Web Links
  • Remember your Monitored List of stations
  • QSL Book - Save your QSL Details
  • Export List to XLS, HTML, TEXT
  • Distance Calculation
  • Location Map Indicator
  • Location Map in
  • Search Station Name in Google
  • Update AOKI List Facility


Download Here! (v.3.0 - Size: 2.47 MB)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Radio Taiwan International - English (A12)

Radio Taiwan International - English (A12)

Radio Taiwan International (RTI) broadcasts worldwide from the Republic of China on Taiwan. It is one of the world's oldest radio stations that is still operating today, broadcasting news and programs in 13 different languages. Offering a wide variety of programs spanning from Chinese lessons to Taiwanese history, Radio Taiwan International provides listeners a chance to become acquainted with the unique experience of Taiwan.
The station was originally established by the Kuomintang government as the Central Broadcasting System (CBS) in Nanjing, Mainland China, in 1928. During the Japanese invasion in 1937, CBS moved with the government to a new location in Hankou, and then to Chongqing, to continue broadcasting. After the end of the Second World War, the station returned with the Kuomintang government to Nanjing. Four years later, it again followed the KMT government when it moved to Taipei, Taiwan.
For the next 60 years, the Central Broadcasting System persevered against both domestic and foreign enemies in order to continuously broadcast for the country. It was through these broadcasts that it assisted in maintaining a stable society, promoting a sense of history, and taking the Taiwanese people to new heights.
From 1996 to 1998, systematic changes combining the Central Broadcasting System and the international department of the Broadcasting Corporation of China eventually resulted in the creation of international broadcasts to China and the rest of the world. These were made under the call signs of  "Radio Taipei International" and "The Voice of Asia". After the combination of these two call signs to just "Radio Taipei International", the station changed to its current call sign of "Radio Taiwan International" to avoid confusion on the part of listeners, many of whom had difficulty associating Taipei with Taiwan.

5950 KHz Okeechobee (100 KW) [0200-0300]
5950 KHz Okeechobee (100 KW) [0300-0400]
5950 KHz Okeechobee (100 KW) [0500-0600]
6155 KHz Issoudun (250 KW) [1800-1900]
7445 KHz Paochung (100 KW) [1100-1200]
9440 KHz Tainan (300 KW) [1600-1700]
9465 KHz Tainan (250 KW) [1100-1200]
9680 KHz Okeechobee (100 KW) [0200-0300]
11875 KHz Tainan (250 KW) [0100-0200]
15320 KHz Paochung (100 KW) [0300-0400]
15485 KHz Issoudun (500 KW) [1600-1700]




Send Reception Report via Web:

Radio Taiwan International QSL

RTM Sarawak FM

RTM Sarawak FM in Malaysian can be heard in India from 0100 to 0130 UTC on 9835 KHz.

Transmitter: Kajang [MLA 10146E0301N]
Power: 100 KW [Azi: 93°]

Logged on: 11.05.2012
Distance from Home: 2957 Km
SINPO Rating: 45534

0130 to 0200 UTC - High QRM of BBC - Bengali [Nakhon Sawan-250 KW]

Home Page:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Radio România International - English (A12)

Radio România International 
Radio România International (Romanian: Radio România International, or RRI) is a Romanian radio station owned by the Romanian public radio broadcaster Societatea Româna de Radiodifuziune (SRR, the national public radio in Romania) that broadcasts abroad.
Short Wave broadcasts
RRI broadcasts on shortwave with 300 kW from Galbeni (46.751667N, 26.856667E) and Tiganesti (44.7496057N, 26.1027968E) in Romania, and from NRK's 65 kW transmitter in Kvitsøy, Norway (59.066667N, 5.437500E)

Radio Romania International - English (A12)

7435 KHz Galbeni (300 KW) [2200-2256]
9540 KHz Galbeni (300 KW) [2200-2256]
9645 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [0300-0356]
9700 KHz Galbeni (300 KW) [0530-0556]
9700 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [0000-0056]
9790 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [2200-2256]
11740 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [1700-1756]
11795 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [0300-0356]
11880 KHz Galbeni (300 KW) [2030-2056]
11895 KHz Galbeni (300 KW) [0300-0356]
11940 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [2200-2256]
11965 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [0000-0056]
13800 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [2030-2056]
15210 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [1100-1156]
15220 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [2030-2056]
15430 KHz Galbeni (300 KW) [1100-1156]
17510 KHz Tiganesti (300 KW) [1100-1156]
17670 KHz Galbeni (300 KW) [1100-1156]
17760 KHz Galbeni (300 KW) [0530-0556]


P.O. BOX 111


Send Reception Report


Voice of Turkey - English (A12)

Voice of Turkey - English
Voice of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye'nin Sesi Radyosu) is the international service of Turkish state radio on shortwave, Turksat 3A satellite and the Internet.
Turkey’s first external broadcast was started on January 8, 1937 by the Ankara Radio Corporation. This broadcast designed to help resolve the Hatay issue was in fact the transmission in Arabic of an address delivered about this question by the then Prime Minister Ismet Inönü. External broadcasts on a regular basis from Turkey started as of October 28, 1938. Today, the Voice of Turkey carries the external radio transmissions of Turkish Radio and Television, TRT.

English Transmissions (A12)

6165 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [0300-0355]
7205 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [2030-2125]
9515 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [0300-0355]
9785 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [1830-1925]
9830 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [2200-2255]
15450 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [1230-1325]


P.O. BOX 333

Voice of Turkey QSL

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Athmik Yatra Radio

New Test transmission can be heard via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka on 1548 kHz- (the former Deutsche Welle frequency) at 1430-1530 UTC

Trincomalee Relay Station (08°44'N, 81°10'E )
Perkara, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Mediumwave: 1548 kHz 400 kW

Athmik Yatra (Spiritual Journey) Radio began as a 15 minute daily broadcast by Metropolitan Bishop His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. K P Yohannan in 1985 through Trans World Radio. The broadcasts were in Malayalam and the Lord used the broadcasts very effectively to reach the unreached and the Christians amidst the Keralite population all over the world. The broadcasts rapidly gained the reputation of helping believers and non-believers grow in faith. The programs mainly dealt with issues that people faced on a day to day basis. The simple language attracted many and made it easy for everyone to understand.

As languages began to be added, the AY Radio expanded in scope and reach. Now we broadcast for 10 hours and 30 minutes a day, in 110 languages all across South Asia. We broadcast through Short wave (SW), Medium Wave (MW) and FM stations.

Athmik Yatra Radio
P.O Box 4565
New Delhi - 110016

Send Reception report to:


Manjadi Junction P.O 
Tiruvalla- 5. Kerala. India
Tel : 0469 - 2630654 
Email :

Saturday, May 5, 2012

NHK Radio Japan - English
Frequencies (Period: A12)

5975 KHz Woofferton (250 KW) [0500-0530]
6110 KHz Sackville (250 KW) [0500-0530]
6120 KHz Sackville (250 KW) [1200-1230]
9625 KHz Ibaragi-Koga-Yamata (300 KW) [1000-1030]
9695 KHz Kranji (250 KW) [1000-1030]
9695 KHz Kranji (250 KW) [1200-1230]
11705 KHz Palau Medorn (100 KW) [1400-1430]
11970 KHz Issoudun (500 KW) [0500-0530]
15720 KHz Talata-Volondry 2 (250 KW) [1800-1830]
15735 KHz Tashkent (100 KW) [1300-1330]

Contact Email:

Send Reception Report Via Website Form:

Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran - English
Frequencies (Period: A12)

5940 KHz Sitkunai (100 KW) [1930-2028]
9540 KHz Kamalabad (500 KW) [1930-2027]
9800 KHz Kamalabad (500 KW) [1930-2027]
11750 KHz Sirjan (500 KW) [1930-2027]
11885 KHz Sirjan (500 KW) [1930-2027]
11945 KHz Sirjan (500 KW) [1530-1627]
13780 KHz Kamalabad (500 KW) [1530-1627]
21590 KHz Kamalabad (500 KW) [1030-1127]

Contact Address:

P.O BOX. NO.19395-6767,

Contact Email:

Radio Nederlands - English
Frequencies (Period: A12)

7425 KHz Talata-Volondry 2 (250 KW) [1900-2057]
9800 KHz Trincomalee (250 KW) [1400-1457]
11615 KHz Issoudun (500 KW) [1900-2057]
15110 KHz Tinang (250 KW) [1000-1057]
15495 KHz Santa Maria di Galeria (250 KW) [1900-2057]

Contact Address:

BOX 222

Contact Email:

All India Radio - English
Frequencies (Period: A12)

6055 KHz Delhi (Khampur) (250 KW) [2245-0045]
7255 KHz Aligarh (250 KW) [1530-1545]
7270 KHz Chennai (Madras) (100 KW) [1000-1100]
7400 KHz Delhi (Khampur) (250 KW) [1745-1945]
7410 KHz Delhi (Khampur) (250 KW) [1745-1945]
7550 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [1745-1945]
7550 KHz Delhi (Khampur) (250 KW) [2045-2230]
9415 KHz Delhi (Khampur) (250 KW) [1745-1945]
9445 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [2045-2230]
9690 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [1330-1500]
9705 KHz Panaji (250 KW) [2245-0045]
9910 KHz Aligarh (250 KW) [2045-2230]
9910 KHz Delhi (Kingsway) (250 KW) [1530-1545]
9950 KHz Aligarh (250 KW) [2245-0045]
11580 KHz Aligarh (250 KW) [1745-1945]
11620 KHz Bangaluru (250 KW) [2045-2230]
11620 KHz Delhi (Khampur) (250 KW) [1330-1500]
11670 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [1745-1945]
11670 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [2045-2230]
11670 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [2245-0045]
11715 KHz Delhi (Khampur) (250 KW) [2045-2230]
11935 KHz Mumbai (Bombay) (100 KW) [1745-1945]
13605 KHz Bangaluru (250 KW) [2245-0045]
13695 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [1000-1100]
13695 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [1745-1945]
13710 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [1330-1500]
15020 KHz Aligarh (250 KW) [1000-1100]
15410 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [1000-1100]
15410 KHz Panaji (250 KW) [1000-1100]
17510 KHz Delhi (Khampur) (250 KW) [1000-1100]
17800 KHz Bangaluru (500 KW) [1000-1100]
Contact Address:

NEW DELHI- 110001

Contact Email:

Send Reception Report Via Website Form:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trans World Radio - Africa (Swaziland) E-QSL

New E-QSL Card, Frequency Schedule and Letter received from Trans World Radio - Africa (Swaziland) within 4 days.

Station : TWR Africa (Swaziland)
Language : Urdu
Date : 19.04.2012
Time : 1400 - 1415 UTC
Frequency : 15360 KHz
Transmitter : Manzini [SWZ 03136E2620S ]
Power : 100 KW [Azi: 43°]
SINPO Rating : 35433

Reception Report Send Via this Link

“Listen to AWR”: AWR 41st Year Annual DX Contest

As Adventist World Radio enters into its 41st year of international radio broadcasting, we take pleasure in announcing our annual “Wavescan” DX contest, which comes to you under the title, “Listen to AWR”. In short, you are invited to listen to as many different AWR shortwave locations as possible during the month of July 2012

Here are the details of our 2012 “Listen to AWR” DX Contest:-

A. AWR Shortwave Locations

You are invited to listen to as many shortwave locations in use by Adventist World Radio as possible during the month of July 2012. You may listen to the broadcasts from the AWR station KSDA on the island of Guam, and to any and all of the shortwave relay stations that carry programming from Adventist World Radio. Remember also that the AWR DX program, “Wavescan” is on the air shortwave over several of the stations in the regular AWR network, and also from shortwave stations WRMI & WWCR in the United States.

In due course, you will be able to obtain the July scheduling of Adventist World Radio, and the relay stations in use at the time, from the AWR website on the internet, from contemporary radio bulletins, from the World Radio TV Handbook, and from other reliable information sources.

B. Prepare Reception Reports

You are invited to prepare just one reception report for any AWR transmission from each AWR transmitter site in any country that you are able to log during the month of July 2012. You may report any AWR broadcast on any shortwave frequency, at any time of the day or night, and in any language; just one reception report for each AWR shortwave location.

C. Photocopies

You are invited to search your QSL collection, and where possible, provide a photocopy of a QSL that you already hold in your collection from any of the AWR shortwave stations that you have heard, during the past five years only. These photocopies should be in color if possible, but black & white is also acceptable. If you do not already have a QSL from any of the AWR stations you select, then you should state so in your contest entry.

D. Three Radio Cards

Where possible, you are invited to include three radio cards for the Indianapolis Heritage Collection with your contest entry. These cards may be old or new, and they may be QSL cards, reception report cards, or picture cards of radio stations, etc. (Not valid for this contest are amateur cards nor CB cards.)

E. Assemble Your Contest Entry 

Post your entry with all items to Adventist World Radio in Indianapolis, remembering that the total number of AWR transmitter locations you hear, and neatness and preparation, will all feature in the judging procedure. Due consideration will also be given to the area of the world in which the contestant lives.

Other Contest Details

Well, there you have it, the details for our Wavescan 2012 “Listen to AWR” DX Contest. This contest will run through the month of July 2012, and all contest entries should be postmarked at your local post office anywhere in the world on any date up to the end of the month of July, and they should be received at the AWR post office address in Indianapolis no later than the end of the month of August 2012.

Return postage in the form of currency notes in any international currency, or mint postage stamps, or IRC coupons would be welcome. Where possible, a self addressed return envelope, business size or half quarto size, would also be welcome.

The awards for this year’s 2012 contest will be similar to all previous contests. There will be a special award for the world winner, one of the Jerry Berg radio history books; and World Radio TV Handbook 2013 for each continental winner. In addition, there will be other special awards as well as AWR souvenirs and radio curios for many participants.

You can remember that all AWR reception reports will be verified with a specially endorsed AWR QSL card. Please remember that it will take a period of many months, well into the new year 2013, to process all of the contest entries and reception reports, but each will in due course be processed.

The only address for the “Listen to AWR” 2012 DX Contest is:-

Listen to AWR DX Contest
Box 29235 
Indiana 46229 USA 

(via. Dr. Adrian M. Peterson, Co-ordinator - International Relations & DX Editor
Adventist World Radio)

Report Courtesy: Prithwi's World