Monday, May 7, 2012

Voice of Turkey - English (A12)

Voice of Turkey - English
Voice of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye'nin Sesi Radyosu) is the international service of Turkish state radio on shortwave, Turksat 3A satellite and the Internet.
Turkey’s first external broadcast was started on January 8, 1937 by the Ankara Radio Corporation. This broadcast designed to help resolve the Hatay issue was in fact the transmission in Arabic of an address delivered about this question by the then Prime Minister Ismet Inönü. External broadcasts on a regular basis from Turkey started as of October 28, 1938. Today, the Voice of Turkey carries the external radio transmissions of Turkish Radio and Television, TRT.

English Transmissions (A12)

6165 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [0300-0355]
7205 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [2030-2125]
9515 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [0300-0355]
9785 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [1830-1925]
9830 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [2200-2255]
15450 KHz Emirler (500 KW) [1230-1325]


P.O. BOX 333

Voice of Turkey QSL

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