Sunday, May 6, 2012

Athmik Yatra Radio

New Test transmission can be heard via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka on 1548 kHz- (the former Deutsche Welle frequency) at 1430-1530 UTC

Trincomalee Relay Station (08°44'N, 81°10'E )
Perkara, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Mediumwave: 1548 kHz 400 kW

Athmik Yatra (Spiritual Journey) Radio began as a 15 minute daily broadcast by Metropolitan Bishop His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. K P Yohannan in 1985 through Trans World Radio. The broadcasts were in Malayalam and the Lord used the broadcasts very effectively to reach the unreached and the Christians amidst the Keralite population all over the world. The broadcasts rapidly gained the reputation of helping believers and non-believers grow in faith. The programs mainly dealt with issues that people faced on a day to day basis. The simple language attracted many and made it easy for everyone to understand.

As languages began to be added, the AY Radio expanded in scope and reach. Now we broadcast for 10 hours and 30 minutes a day, in 110 languages all across South Asia. We broadcast through Short wave (SW), Medium Wave (MW) and FM stations.

Athmik Yatra Radio
P.O Box 4565
New Delhi - 110016

Send Reception report to:


Manjadi Junction P.O 
Tiruvalla- 5. Kerala. India
Tel : 0469 - 2630654 
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