DX-info! -The Radio Explorer!

DX-info!-The Radio Explorer! Version 9.1

Freeware tool to View and Search in International Radio Frequency Schedules.

Based on AOKI - Shortwave Frequency Schedules (Thanks to AOKI)

Database Last Updated: March 29, 2016  0700 UTC (A16)

Version: 9.1 - What is New?

Few Bug Fixes

Addition to Database Corrections, Database Update to B15

Version: 9.0 - What is New?

Added DRM Transmissions Filter

Few Link updates, Database Update to B14

Version: 8.0 - What is New?

Removed support for MS Excel 2003 format. Now only support Office 2007/10 format (.xlsx)

Few Link updates

Version: 7.0 + and above - What is New?

New View Options

Quick Monitored info!

All Features:

Grey Line Map with Corresponding time

Direction Indicator

Add to Monitored List / Indicator

Stations in Monitored List shows in Separate color

Expand your Search

Stations within specified distance from your home!

Backup your DX Log Book

  • Quick Search 
  • Local Time and UTC/GMT 
  • Filter Radio Stations 
       -Transmitter Power 

  • Built in Quick DX-Log Book with Reception Report Format (Paste it from Clipboard) 
  • Address Book with Postal, Email, Web Links 
  • Remember your Monitored List of stations 
  • QSL Book - Save your QSL Details 
  • Export List to XLS, HTML, TEXT 
  • Distance Calculation 
  • Location Map Indicator with target direction
  • Grey Line Map 
  • Location Map in WikiMapia.org 
  • Search Station Name in Google
  • Internet Radio - Page 
  • Update AOKI List Facility 
  • Update Database from AOKI XLSX Schedules without installing MS Office 2007/10. Also Support old version XLS files. 
Download Latest Version! 
(v.9.1 [A16 - 2016.03.29] - Size: 3.25 MB)

Old Versions:

Download! (v.9.1 [B15] - Size: 3.24 MB)

Download! (v.9.1 [A15] - Size: 3.00 MB)

Download! (v.9.0 - Size: 3.00 MB)

Download! (v.8.0 - Size: 3.00 MB)

Download! (v.7.0 - Size: 6.00 MB)

Download! (v.6.0 - Size: 6.00 MB)

Download! (v.5.0 - Size: 5.30 MB)

Download! (v.4.0 - Size: 2.45 MB)

Download! (v.3.0 - Size: 2.47 MB)

Download! (v.2.0 - Size: 2.17 MB)


  1. Problem run on windows 7,
    start dx-info and close,
    pls help me
    tnx 73's

  2. Assistance please the software is blank appears to not have DB Win7 64 pressing update does nothing. thanks

  3. How is the specified format for station LatLon? gggmmEggmmN ?
    I believe that the gray line and the direction indicator are not
    functional for my coordinates 01317E4605N.....

  4. Another thing... I can't find A16 file, the last one is A15

  5. On Windows 10 64 bit starting and closing :( Please help!

    73 Pista HA1FV

  6. I downloaded the program that works epero found it very interesting.
    Visit: http://qsldobrasil.blogspot.com

  7. WIndows 7 Home Basic, 64-bit. Starting and closing immediately.